About this blog and its author

The blog

This blog publishes posts on topics falling into the scope of the philosophy of economics (sometimes also called economic philosophy), broadly defined: topics which mix economic issues with philosophical themes (which can be related to political philosophy, moral philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of science …). This includes also issues related to the scientific practices and norms of economists (sometimes labelled “methodology” with a small “m”) and more “fundamental” problems about the status of knowledge in economics (“Methodology”, with a capital “M”).

I have been for 7 years the main author on a similar blog called “Rationalité Limitée“, exclusively written in French. I intend to write essentially about the same topics. The posts should also be similar in their form and their objective: I use the blog essentially as a way to formalize and test ideas, and secondary to communicate on my research (publications, working papers, conferences I intend to) as well as on the research by others on topics on which I have some interest. However, I have also a pedagogical interest: the philosophy of economics is a growing sub-field of economics but is still largely ignored by the majority of economists (and philosophers as well). If at least some of the posts could help to convince economists of the importance of the issues tackled here for there daily practice, it would be great!

The Author

Cyril Hédoin, 35 years old, full professor of economics at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (France). My academic research belongs to the philosophy of economics but also institutional economics, game theory and choice theory and the history of economic thought. See my academic webpage for downloading my CV as well as several of my published articles and working papers.

I am also the editor of the official blog of the Journal of Institutional Economics. I will cross-post occasionally content between these two blogs but they are formally completely independent.

You can contact me at my professional address: cyril.hedoin at univ-reims.fr


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